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  • Matt Hadden

Chankū Wašté Medical

Prayer Warriors,

Over the last year, I have prayed for God to give clarity over a heavy burden He has put in my heart. A burden to reach out and touch a great physical need so that we have even greater opportunity to share with the those in front of us the better hope we have in Jesus. After much prayer and preparation, I believe the Lord has given us the liberty to move ahead with His vision to build a small medical facility here at the Ranch. Several doctors have served here over the years by offering their expertise in a multitude of ways; we have seen firsthand the blessing it is to our community and ultimately how it has opened doors for us to share the gospel. I believe meeting a physical need and following up afterward, builds and restores trust in a community that has experienced tremendous deception about who Jesus is. There is no doubt in my heart that each day after people saw the love of Jesus through healing and provision of medical services, they went home and spoke with great conviction of the goodness of God they had experienced. Our desire is for people to see the love of God through us as an organization and this method of serving has been a proven way of doing just that. 

Something I have noticed in my years in ministry is that there is a great deal of need in front of us all the time. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you go, there are needs, most of which in our humanness appear insurmountable and overwhelming. Needs don’t just touch people that live in poverty but instead extend to every walk of life. We all are a needy people. Notice the ministry of the Lord Jesus, He is constantly meeting people’s needs right where they are, just as they come to Him. Wisdom, financial, emotional and physical challenges all being met in miraculous ways. However, the most miraculous needs met in the Bible were not when Jesus gave a man his vision, or fed the 5,000, made the coin appear in the fish, turned the water into wine or raised Lazarus from the dead. All of those things were, of course, miraculous, but they pointed to the biggest miracle we all are in pursuit of. The miracle that He is more than capable of healing what is spiritually absent in us, that He has the authority to speak words of life over every practical need so that we come to clarity about His sovereignty over all the earth, in every need, both physical and spiritual. 

The Father has afforded us the privilege to follow His example in meeting physical needs through which we then seek permission to speak into the greater spiritual needs here in Pine Ridge. The Bible is very specific that our war though is not with flesh and blood but is instead spiritual, against principalities and darkness. As children of God, we not only have the opportunity, but also responsibility and the command to engage in the spiritual war raging all around each of us. The Father equips us with the tools and resources to not only fight but to win by way of His power at work within us. The enemy has waged a war of deception over our community for years about who our Father is and how He loves every one of us as the people group we were created to be a part of. But God has provided yet another way here at Chanku Waste Ranch to engage head-on in His great battle and we are believing Him for the victory. I have asked the Lord many times to help us meet the needs in front of us and He has never once failed to follow thru. I have sought Him for victory over countless battles and He has gone before us just as He promised, never leaving us to our own devices. We give Him all the glory for great things He has done in this place over the years. It is because of His faithfulness that we can continue to press the line with confidence that He will be the same faithful Father today and tomorrow as He was yesterday.

I would love for you to prayerfully consider how the Lord would lead you to share in your resources and skill to make this vision come to fruition. I have put more detail on our website at

Several weeks ago, we began moving dirt in faith, making the ground ready to begin construction. Our goal would be to have the foundation and basement walls finished by March 2020. The Lord has given us a plan to work on the building throughout the summer with a goal to have the building ready to install medical equipment the last week of July.

If you have any questions, thoughts or even something the Lord lays on your heart in regards to this next venture, please feel free to reach out to me or someone on our team. We love you all and write this with excitement about the days ahead!

Learning to serve the Lord in all I do,  

Matt Hadden 118 Chanku Waste Drive Porcupine, SD 57772

Would you commit to praying with us? Here are some things you can agree with us on.

1.       That no agenda would rise above making the name of Jesus great.

2.       Unity within our team.

3.       That our patience would not run out past the Lord’s perfect timing.

4.       That skilled workers would come alongside us as we build.

5.       That the resources and finances needed would only be found or gathered by the miraculous hand of God, to only drive home the affirmation and confidence that He is at the helm.

6.       For God to begin to move in the hearts of Doctors to serve with us and catch a vision for what the Lord is doing in this place

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