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  • Matt Hadden

February Update

We have had a great last couple of months. I am ready for some drier weather as I am sure most of you reading this are as well. We have not had a very harsh winter as far as temperatures go, which is nice. However, that means we deal with a constant state of mud because the ground freezes at night and then warms up just enough to thaw during the day.

I feel like much progress has been made the last couple of months. With the church; We have made some big changes at the beginning of the year — one of them being that we have changed the name to Creator's Fellowship. We voted as a church a couple of years back but had waited on the Lord's timing to implement it. My heart going into this year was seeking the Lord for direction on how to best make disciples. God has richly blessed us with many great opportunities to invest in the lives of people in our community. I believe there has been established a great deal of trust toward our church as well as to the camp. How do we continue to press forward making disciples? Where are the disciples even at? Often times I ask those questions in frustration and then I see the people God has put in front of us at Creator's Fellowship, I see the ones who are sitting under the teaching of God's word and are willing to apply the word of God to their lives. It is a process for each one of us for sure. Any time I have been discouraged at wondering where the disciples are that we are "Making," I am reminded that I am in the same daily process myself. There is not a time when someone simply stops being made a disciple. There are new areas in my walk with the Lord that I have to learn to be disciplined. Part of those disciplines is a willingness to allow the Father to use me as a disciple-maker. I desire to do it well, with the best of my abilities, with my weaknesses as great opportunities for my heavenly Father to use as a strength at building His kingdom.

Along with the name change at the church, we are working at making changes to our approach of helping His children through the process of being made into followers of Jesus. It is an exciting time to watch the children of God here in our community. On many reservations, it is not a decision of convenience to follow the Lord Jesus as it is many times in our country. Often it is quite the opposite and makes life harder for those that truly trust in the completed work of Jesus. I ask you to pray for believers here. Pray for perseverance. Pray for wisdom on our part as we continue to seek the Lord for the best ways to make disciples.

Praise the Lord, with the funds provided toward the Medical Building Project, we have been able to complete the foundation and poured walls for the basement. All of the framing materials for the basement and sub-floor have been ordered and will begin going up in just a few weeks. You can check out for more information and pictures. We need close to $50,000 to purchase the next phase of materials. We hope to start the next step of work at the end of April.

God is so amazing. We have not lacked anything needed to continue to pursue whatever He puts before us. I am so thankful for His faithfulness in our lives and ministry. I am also grateful for each of you that are continually lifting us in prayer and giving sacrificially to the work here.

We are looking forward to an exciting, full summer. There is much to do before He returns. As I tell my kids while we are cleaning the house - "If you can't see what needs to be done, come and see me!"

Learning to serve the Lord in all we do,

The Haddens

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